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Do I have to be good at math to learn programming?

That's a myth! Programming doesn't require nearly as much math as you might think. If you have a computer and wifi, a love for problem solving, and some patience, then that's all you need to get started!

Am I too old/young to use Codédex?

Codédex is perfect for anyone age 10 and up! We have a wide range of learners in our workshops and the Codédex Club community, from middle schoolers to college grads.

It's perfect for code newbies who just started and intermediate learners in their year 1 to year 3 of the coding journey.

What does the Codédex Club entail?

Codédex Club is a paid community with weekly events such as Fireside Chats, Twitter Challenges, Pair Programming sessions, Interview Prep, and more! Fellow learners will also help you debug your code 24/7.

Our north star is to build the most inclusive, beginner-friendly, and badass coding community on the web.

What does the Codédex Workshop entail?

We have a monthly workshops led by world-class instructors. The workshops are usually two weeks long, with daily classes Monday-Friday, and office hours if you need extra help.

They are perfect for beginners and intermediate coders who don't want to spend thousands of hours stuck in "tutorial hell".

How can I contribute to Codédex?

There are many ways to contribute to the community! We are looking for people who can help find typos and errors in "The Legend of Python" course on the home page.

We are also looking for project tutorial authors!

Email us at!

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